Thursday, May 11, 2006


Oliver Hacke - Millepieds (Anders Ilar Remix) [2006, Level] (buy)
Here it is, B2. And it's the best of the mixes featured on the release I think.

3 Channels - Lady Salata
[2006, Trapez] (buy)
Tribal! Very good work on the drums. From the 'Bar 135' release. Enjoy it on repeat :)

Even better from Bar 135:
3 Channels - Amnesia [2006, Trapez] (now really buy this)

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Kyle van Blerk said...

How you doin?

Great blog, thanks for uploading all the stuff, your taste is advanced. i loved the millipede remix ep but the ilar one was the best. Personally I preferred 'close up' off the bar 135 ep.