Monday, May 08, 2006


Ait, time for some psy-electro. No, it has nothing to do with psy-trance (what is that anyway?). This is psycho electro, god damnit!! (yes, I just made that genre name up).

Marco Bernardi - Welcome To My World (Feat. Rei Loci)
[2006, Frustrated funk] (
Title track. Not very fitting of the season I think, but it's nice shit. Come to think of it electro is very winter/autumn flavored music to me. Ah well, who cares. Frustrated funk in full effect!

I have had zero time to browse other people's blogs for almost a month now. That sucks, but can't do much about it. I will have to try harder, simply. Peace to the bloggers keeping it up (you know who you are).

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