Friday, September 08, 2006

Guess who

Oi, oi. I'm writing this from home for a change! I've stumbled upon an open wireless network and I'm surfing with slower than modem speeds, hooray. Anyway my neverending quest for a stable and functioning internet connection continues, but it is nearing its end. Won't say when, cause I've already managed to make myself look silly the last two posts.

After my abnormally long vacation school has started again. I'm taking a statistics course and computer graphics (opengl), both seem very interesting. Since I have been without internet for so long I have done some more or less creative stuff; dabbled a lot in ableton live, some photoshopping, a bit of sketching and such. Will upload bits of this asap.

Take care all.

1 comment:

Lucidik said...

We need some update over here ;)
Once a day since September, I hit your page, hoping something new will be post :(

Hope you are ok !