Monday, June 19, 2006

Sonar music

Here's some tracks from artists I had the pleasure to see and hear live this weekend.

The MFA - Disco 2 break [Bpitch, 2005]

Wonderful electro techouse tune. These guys were proper heavy live. Jesus.

Isolée - Face B [Playhouse, 2005] (buy)

Hadn't listened that much to this dude before, just a few tracks and remixes here and there. Saw the wicked concert and I'm hooked. Here's a great track with the trademark isolée feeling which he performed a heavy mix of. The same album, 'We are monster', contains additional sweet tunes like 'My hi-matic'. (Probably old news to most, but hey).

His latest outing 'Western store' is killer as well (

I really wanted to expose a Jake track right about here, sadly my copy of the album 'The rapper' hasn't arrived yet and no luck getting any of it from soulseek (yet). But check out the clips on his
label's site and pick up a cd while you're at it. It's unorthodox (in a very good way heh) hiphop with divine rap, both lyric and voice wise. Throw in some more harsh dancey tunes and you got the Jake.
Miki mikron feat. Jake the rapper - Eingeborene!
Collosseum Schallplatten GmbH, 2005]

Hot chip - Colours [Emi, 2006] (buy)
'New' album from the hyped up chipsters. Excellent in every way. Synth electro pop disco hello music! Ps. They were fucking their synths live, and I found that it was better live than on album.

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