Tuesday, March 17, 2009


That's right folks. Our pretty domain with the hosting is down. In the mean time randts.blogspot.com is up. We are not sure how we will proceed with this. We might bring the domain up or we might not. Hopefully we will be able to get all the data back in one way or another. Either by importing it to this place, someplace else or.. yeah. We'll see.

Update, 2009-03-19: Looks like we will be chipping in to get the server and domain up and running again. So be on the lookout for randomcircuits.com's rise from the ashes.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Joes January Random Circuits

Its been a good first month for electronic music in 2008 heres some of my favorite tracks.

Also its been a massive month for albums heres some you need to check out

  1. Ripperton & Sam k -Family Tree
  2. Bruno Pronsato - Why Cant we be like us
  3. Benga - Diary of an Afro Warrior
  4. Prosumer & Murat Tepeli - Serenity

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Download Luciano Essential mix

Thanks to our friends at http://www.newmixes.com/luciano-essential_mix-sat-01-26-2008.html (Il upload it to Zshare later today so you can listen to it when ever you want put it on your ipods etc)


M83 - Teen Angst (Luciano remix) - M83
Luciano and Thomas Melchior - Father - Cadenza
Andomat 3000 and Jan L - Delay - Cadenza
Alejandro Vivanco - Madre Tierra - Cadenza
Loco Dice - A Chico A Rhytmico - Cadenza
Reboot - Be Tougher - Cadenza
Luciano - Los Update (Mini remix)
Luciano - Fochedrem - Cadenza
Guido Schneider - Albertino - Cadenza
Unknown -White label
Kabale Und Liebe and Daniel Sanchez - Mumbling Yeah - Arearemote
Alex Picone - Floppy
Le Roi feat Roland Clarke - Get Deep - Deeptown
Onur Ozer - Red Cabaret (2000 and One remix) - Vakant
Salif Keita and Pepe Bobilla - Yamore (Luciano remix) - Cadenza

Friday, January 25, 2008

Four to the Floooor!

Hello Random Circuits readers, my name is Matt, a couple of you might remember me from Trainspotter, which is now basically defunct. I'm happy to be joining the RC crew, and I'll try not to ruin their awesome blog.

In the interest of carrying on Shawn's newly established tradition of introducing yourself with a mix, here is one I made for Random Circuits last night, hope everyone enjoys:

Matt's Four to the Floor RC Mix

Scsi-9 - Elegia
Serafin & Roman Bruder - Dream Sequence
Len Faki - Odyssey I
Donnacha Costello - Grape B
Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes - Elevation (Radio Slave's One More Kiss Remix)
Dennis Ferrer - Son of Raw (Loco Dice Remix)
Hercules & Love Affair - Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
Donnacha Costello - Grape A
Luciano - Bomberos
Dandy Jack and the Junction SM - Chuleta For You
Naughty - World of Woman


Just to let you all know; we thrive on feedback and comments! Let us know what you think of the music we try to bring to everyone's attention. Whether you liked the latest post/track or not, doesn't matter - just tell us your opinion, we really, really do appreciate it.

Barem - So serial [M_NUS, 2007]
It's funny how the two best tracks of this EP (Never better than late) isn't even on the vinyl, but rather released as mp3 only. Ears and So serial here beats the other three tracks by a large margin. My opinion of course. So Serial builds up steadily with a lot of echoes and wet percussive sounds, all the while you're waiting for the release to come. After 3 minutes the bass kicks in properly and lends, by now much needed, momentum to the track. Pure goodness from the M_NUS camp.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Luciano Essential mix

So the Beeb have got the Chilean wonder Luciano in the hot seat for the http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/essentialmix/ on Friday night 3 -5am GMT.

Heres a quick interview to get inside the mans head and a short insight of what to expect.

Side step test

Simplicity is the key here and it works so damn well.
Its Haruki Matsuo debut and he doesn't disappoint.
Bringing back that early 90's warehouse vibe with a simple unadulterated deep techno groove that will have the floor moving all night.
Absolute Killer!


Moonbeam - Slow heart [Traum, 2008] (d/l)
Our favorite russian techno makers are back once again. Traum is the label, Spring Story is the release. Three tracks of minimal and crunchy techno, a la Traum & Moonbeam. No weaknesses can be heard on any of the songs. Chunky, ever evolving sounds on a very solid outing. Beam me up, Scotty!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who's afraid of detroit?


Plasmik -(Interswap The Remixes Volume One) -"Subertubos" (Matt O'Brien Remix) [Connaisseur Recordings]

Four new remixes from last years biggest EP for Connaisseur , Are ready and raring to go.
Interswap by Plasmik was easily there biggest release last year, so now its time for the remixes and they come in the shape of Matt O'Brien (Which we have here) Afrilounge, Claude VonStroke & Minz.
As its in two parts we will just be reviewing the first part for today.
Matt O'Brien does great things for supertubos it sounds like its a late 90's techno record with its shattering synths and deep bass.
He gives it a really good make over adding a few special touches the background riff sounds like a continuous flock of chickens squawking, but its all about the deep pads and synths for me, expect alot of techno DJ's to be dropping this bomb on a dance floor near you.
Next up is Afrilounge they take on Mindpattern still on a deep vibe but on more of a house tip its a very cool slow burner that opens out and will suprise you with deep strings and a trance like melody.
Quality first part im looking forward to the next.


Pressure cooker

MD III - The pressure cooker [Underground, 1993]
After Theevanhood posted a youtube clip of this track, it stuck to my head. A friend (yo Hansa!) finally dug it up and it's mezmerising. What an old(ish) hit.

Edit: This friday I shall visit The Eye again. It was a while ago, since I've sort of boycotted them after they stopped booking nice acts and just went on with the routinely and steady declining in quality resident nights. This friday is different though, after cancelling in december The UK man and producer Radio Slave is finally going to bless Gothenburg with his presence. It will be intense.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Second life

Second life has everything, it starts of with a thick and fast groove accompanied by the deep and tripped out vocal patter telling you "Somethings coming up" and "Its not like i thought it would be" Are these references to the track in question? They just well could be as you will find out. This track has alot more layers to give and were only at the beginning. Its been laced in funk from top to bottom.Yes! this is big it starts of wonky deep and disorientating but eventually opens out with trancey melodies and a really good deep work out. I wasn't expecting this but I'm glad it heads off this way it keeps hitting you with underground funk keeping the offside vocal present at the right time, it adds to the record perfectly. Suddenly it breaks out into a all out funk a thon so great, energising & very fresh.
Highly recommended.


Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes - Elevation (Radio Slave's One More Kiss Remix) [Ibadan, 2008] (d/l, d/l)
Three big producers collide in a sweaty techno excursion. Sydenham and Tiger Stripes' Elevation anthem is pierced by the man who never sleep, Radio Slave's functionalists ideas. The result is a floor whooping, big, sick and most definetly dancable massacre. Detroit vibes all over this superb remaking. Like a true master, Radio slave fulfills all expectations. The rest of this intense remix package is of equal standards; Ink & needle, Argy, Kobayashi and the original creators all lend their magic fingers to stir F12 and Elevation into something different.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Tell Me I Belong

Here is a mix I made about a month ago that contains some tracks that have been posted on Random Circuits and my previous blog Trainspotter. After a terrible heartbreak and moving to a totally new country, I am still trying to figure out where I belong in this world. Random Circuits seems like it will be a nice fit for me. I am very grateful to have joined the Random Circuits team. The mix came out sort of bleepy and I hope you all enjoy it.

Tell Me I Belong Mix

1. Efdemin - Lohn & Brot
2. Minilogue - Elephant's Parade
3. Dubfire - I Feel Speed (Audion Remix)
4. Justus Kohncke - Advance
5. Alejandro Vivanco - Madre Tierra
6. Anja Schneider - Belize
7. Gummihz - Hypnotize
8. Melchior Productions - Don Juan
9. Johannes Heil - All For One (Tobi Neumann's Swinging Remix)
10. Avus - Fancy Arse (James Holden's Sunday Night Extension)
11. Burial - Archangel

Mumbling Again

Unless you were living under a rock last summer or don't go out much i reckon its safe to say, at some point you will of heard Dj's spinning a track with a strange man (Daniel Sanchez) mumbling on top of a deep minimal tribal beat.

That just so happened to be one of the big hitters of the summer everyone was getting there mumble on from Richie and Ricardo to Sebo k and Loco Dice there's no denying it everyone was rinsing.

The Youtube page of Villalobos & Luciano dropping it at DC10 has had its fair share of views http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=b9nIS8LM40Q rightfully so as well.

Its just so catchy and wrong,
So wrong its right thats what makes it so good.
When the first bars of the track come through the speakers of the club in the early hours its instantly greeted by whistles and cheers, you feel like you shouldn't really be here at 5-6am listening to strange men mumbling.

Whilst the sweat drips of the walls onto your aching body you look around the tiny club everyone is on the same vibe the dance floor is packed out and everyone is united in dance.

I cant remember a track of this kaliber being so influential it really does strange things to the party goers.
The last time i remember a track causing this much wow factor was when Audion - Mouth To Mouth was released its in a different vein to that but you get the idea.

Mumbling yeah will be on the roster of many DJ's lists for a long time to come and i applaud that.

DJ's have loved it so much that they have remixed it be it Loco Dice & Marco Carola official remixes or Richie Hawtin's Dex n efx remix.

Loco Dice keeps the main part intact but goes alot deeper and its more strung out, deep tribal drums and whooshes from the synths make it a dance floor bomb,& when you add his version of the twisted vocals you cant fail, instant moment(of madness) on the floor its been tried and tested all over Leeds and it never fails even the wall flowers and the too cool for school kids prick up there ears and head to the floor.

Marco Carola Goes even deeper and minimal and the outcome is quite fantastic its almost a re rub but not quite il let you decide on which you prefer.
One thing is for sure i will be mumbling long into 2008.

Download Kabale und liebe ft Daniel Sanchez - Mumbling Yeah - Marco Carola Kick Remix

Classic of the day

Model 500 - The flow [R&S, 1995]
It's that time again, people. Time to dust off some real classic tracks and reminiscing. Not one of Model 500's earliest, but still a proper legendary track which first appeared on the Deep Space LP. Juan Atkins for president!

I did, indeed attend Aril Brikha playing at Jeriko in Malmö this saturday. It was quite good, he played a lot from his album (Ex Machina) of course (which isn't his best work imo). The audience was feeling it and the atmosphere was great. Nice evening all in all. The projected visuals were quite boring and not synched at all though.

Peak Bomb

Looking for some modern house music with a twist? sick and tired of all the same sounds? Just Searching for that simple house groove but keep getting bombarded with dull minimal?
Well look no further because we have the answer here in the shape of Peak Bomb.
Yes Lady's and gents this is what you have been searching for stripped down simplicity, with soul.
It sounds like its been around for years with its pumping groove and breathtaking melody.
Kalim Shabazz has done what many are trying to do by blending deeper sounds with a more minimal edge to it.
And he succeeds with great success.
Peak Bomb is the word!
Not only do you get the wonderful original but you get a fantastic remix courtesy of Phonique, his remix is just as good as the original if not better.
Its more of a subtle groove, more percussion and a little deeper but equally as good
A 5 Star EP that you need, essential!
Download Peak Bomb - Original

Friday, January 18, 2008

Praia Brava

Gavin Herlihy -'Praia Brava' - [True To Form]

You may recognise Gavin Herlihy name from his stint at Mixmag as one of the editors his writing was very good i especially liked his three page spread on DC10 last year.
He's decided to give the journalism a rest and done what alot of journalists are doing by putting his hand to producing this isn't the first of Gavin's work either check Machine Ate My Homework for some peak time tech house business.
With Praia Brava he goes alot deeper and more house orientated it keeps you on your toes with deep tribal drums and a panic stricken swirling, it chugs along nicely eventually bringing in a Latin influenced melody so catchy you will be humming it all day.
The flip is a club friendly dub from Jesse Rose.
Buy this release if your looking for something original and a bit different.

Asylum exist

Off to Malmö for the weekend. Aril Brikha plays there on saturday, and I will most likely go. So yeah, finally a decent booking. Have a good one folks.

Kirk Degiorgio - I do not exist (original mix) [B12, 2007] (d/l)
Wonky, fast paced, techno. There is also a B12 remix on this record, which turns the track into something weirder but which is also very much tasty.

TeslaSonic - Lunatic asylum [MinimalRome, 2008] (d/l)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Operation: Mixtape

Surgeon - This is for you shits! [Warp, 2007] (buy)
Great mixtape from Surgeon. This is a wonderful one hour showcase of techno's more experimental sides. Dabbling with the very fringes of the dance sound, as one would suspect when it's released on Warp. Brutal waves of murderous textures blended with occassional glimpses of artful melodies. The first half of this is really quite something, I recognize most of the tracks but they all got a new costume courtesy of Surgeon and his blending techniques. Quality all they way through. Tracklisting on discogs.

Untitled EP

Emil Lassaria -"Untitled EP" -[White]
More of the Cadenza influenced sound this is more for the dancefloor though and its really good i haven't been able to stop playing it since i got it.
Just wait till the violins come in, it has a really good breakdown which will make your set stand out from the rest.
Drop it as the sun is coming up to bring in the daytime that's what we did the other night at my friends house party it was a spiritual moment as the cold winters sunlight crept through the gap in the curtains.
There's 2 other tracks to this EP but personally i favour this one.
The A side is "after the sky is good" but it lacks that special ingredient.
The other one is a track that Luciano has been opening on "Copiii lui Luciano" - it features children singing in some sort of choir its very good on top of a cool piano riff and timbales playing in the background.
The perfect way to start your set if your going down the whole Cadenza route & are looking for some originality.
Copiii Lui Luciano also sounds very familiar to the upcoming Cadenza split, (Ricardo Villalobos feat. Christian Vander - Baba Yaga).
All in all its a fresh sounding EP.
Download Balada
Download Copiii Lui Luciano
*Edit* So it turns out (after a little digging) that the "Copiii Lui Luciano" track is infact "Baba yaga" or (enfants the chant) its just been ripped and remastered the "balada" song is real though.
Heres a 9 page discussion on the whole thing mnml.net http://www.mnml.nl/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=24894&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

From N.Y To Las Vegas

This Ep represents a unreasonable and animated flight that Sarah Goldfarb took From N.Y and Las Vegas in August 2007.
24 Dollars was produced just before the flight from New York.
Its real hypnotic & tribal a proper crowd burner the floor is going to love it, causing alot of tension in the room it builds and then explodes violently.
On the B side is one hundred and Ten Fahrenheit some say its what the temperature was in Las Vegas. Maybe? All i know is that if you thought there was tension on the a side this side really goes to town. Are you all fastened in and sitting in the upright position!?
Its almost as if there's a stop clock going and your sat in your seat waiting for all hell to break loose.
Its not long before the vibrations of the plane explode and the temperature rises to boiling point, its like an emergency alarm going off in your head building around an evil acid breakdown, it repeats itself and just continues to blow your mind, its uncomfortable but at the same time very enjoying.
Download One Hundred & Ten Farenheit

Elec aci

Elec Pt. 1 - By the stars [Bunker, 2007] (d/l)
Bunker Records, aah, what a sure sign of quality for black as death electro. Released in December this five track EP, The Inner Circle, is filled to the brim with dangerously corroding acid elektro songs. Never leaving the unpleasant sphere of vibes, fine dystopian works crafted by dark minds.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weg Zur Sonne

Time to go on a journey into the deep.
Weg Zur Sonne is like taking a walk around a strange planet there's echoes of your footsteps everywhere you go, the freezing solar wind whistles past your ears & there's snow falling all around you.
Just when you think your lost & its all going wrong you stumble across some life- form in the shape of a melody.
Finally you start to feel better as it opens out, never mind being on another planet your in another world.
You carry on your magical & mystical journey, things become more brighter the air clears and you can finally see through the mist.
Its a wonderful sight and a fantastic sound, you want it to carry on forever...
But it doesn't.

VJ session of the day

Alright. After about one million recordings of me VJing with VDMX to this track, I'm dead tired of it. The ridiculous amount of takes needed was because I was clueless as to what codec and settings to record with. I ended up just importing one of the earliest takes into iMovie and re-encoding it. Thus the half-assed quality. Next one will be better, promise.

Some details for the interested. The effects are made in Quartz Composer, I just fooled around some since I'm not very experienced with it yet. Then I hooked my composition up with some lovely VDMX controls and basically just went at it. Recorded with iShowU.

Music: Daft punk - Harder better faster stronger (around the world), from their Alive'07 tour.

Quartz, VDMX session from Roobik on Vimeo.


This could be used a real dance floor weapon if used at the right time.
It reminds me of Fed On Youth not as killer as that but its not far off.
Nico uses distant sub bass to cause a catastrophic wave of sound, that will destroy clubs at 5am.
Mind you, you wont feel the full force of the track until its played out, its definitely more for club speakers than ones at home.
He loops the sound so deep it makes my windows shake its very hypnotic and Erie.
Its a dubbed out voyage into the unknown deep.
Muela pain on the flip is another fine piece of dark atmospheric techno.
This EP mustn't be slept on KILLER!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Partial Arts - Telescope (Radioslave's Prenzlauer Blur Remix) [Kompakt, 2008] (d/l)
The REKIDS boss strikes again. As usual he doesn't hold back when unleashing his tasty remix proddings on a track. 12 minutes this time, Ewan Pearson's alias Partial Arts' track "Telescope" gets the treatment. Have a listen and judge this one by yourself. I didn't like it at first, but it needs some attention and a few listens before settling into my brain.

Vacaciones En Cile

IlarioAlicante - "Vacaciones En Cile" -[N/A]

All i know about this track is that its by a upcoming young Italian producer.
He takes his influences from the Cadenza record label and artists like Ricardo Villalobos and it shows very well.
Its so homegrown i can see this being played in a courtyard by the olive trees there's a dog laying in the shade trying to keep cool,the old folks are drinking wine and playing chess,Mothers in the kitchen making food, its a beautiful scene.
If you use your imagination you can almost taste the wine and feel the sun burning your neck as your sat there by that olive tree.
Its very Latin /Chilean influenced, so beautiful the way it comes together opening up like a flower in spring.
The strings are some of the best I've heard expect everyone to be dropping this.
I think its getting signed to a label soon there's been a bit of controversy over the whole thing.
Don't sleep on this.


Death is nothing to fear

DINTF - (Ep) -[Spectral Sound]
The new DINTF EP dropped the other day on Spectral Sound.
This time they have focused there attentions on there freshest new talent like Jonas Kopp, Kate Simko, Daso & Pawas and more.
Its 5 tracks of minimal techno all of which have been done right they have all the elements needed, be it deep and dark a good sub- bass and a good melody, all the tracks are worthy of your money but they are a couple that stand out in the shadows.
Jonas Kopp's"Androgeno" takes off where he left off with his remix of Plan Tec - Espias Psoquicos P. Deep swirling hypnotic techno.
This guy reminds me alot of Audion, one to Keep an eye on is Jonas Kopp.
Next up is Daso & Pawas who are firing on all cylinders at the moment be it on solo projects or joint efforts like this.
They go for the deep tribal drums and a very cool melodic riff its a sort of sub bass melody very catchy and quite unique.
Kate Simko is next up to the stage with a deep and minimal take on house. Its very good I especially like the way it opens out all rhythmic, blending minimal and deeper more melodic - house elements perfectly.
Make way for Seth Troxler probably my least favourite on the EP. To me it doesn't have the same unique flair as the other 4 do, still you can form your own opinion when you buy it.
Then last but certainly not least is a artist called Kill who rounds things off nicely with some evil minimal techno.
Spectral Sound have started 2008 very well indeed if you like your techno with added bite this EP is for you.
Now were in wait for Audion's new music.
Daso & Pawas Gupta -kkb
Link removed by request.
Jonas Kopp -Androngeno

Sunday, January 13, 2008

JBH'S Sunday Session

1hr mix of underground house and techno.

1 - Kabale und Liebe feat Daniel Sanchez - "Mumbling Yeah" - (Loco Dice Tribute Mix)
2 - Italoboyz - "Zinga"
3 - Peter Grummich - Whats up Adults!?
4 - The Model - "Priests of Anacreon"
5 - Sis - "Orgsa"
6 - Knor - "Roc(k)ambolesque"
7 - Mugwump - "Memory Lane" - (Sasse Remix)
8 - Nick Curly - "Silom"
9 - Jamie Lloyd - "May i" - (Quarion Remix)


Mouture Jack

Instead of studying for my algorithms exam tomorrow I've been procrastinating, pro style, like a real slacker. Fiddling around with various small projects and basically doing anything but cramming.

Stars Of The Lid vs Red Robin & Jakob Hilden - Humectez La Mouture vs Lazy Jack (skypher's edit) [N/a, 2007]
This is me trying to combine Stars of the lid's absolutely stunning song into some sort of "emotech" (haha) thing by using Red Robin & Jakob Hilden's Lazy Jack track for drums. It isn't really that well made, but I certainly dig the final product anyway. Have a listen will ya, and tell me what you think. I'm having serious Ableton Live cravings, was too long since I produced now...

While we're at it, I might as well post something small I put together from some of my processing code accompanied with a track I did. The outcome wasn't expected though; my computer couldn't handle the (real-time) calculation of each frame while simultaneously playing the music and recording to the disk, thus the sound got heavily distorted. I still like the result though: Attractoria.

In pursuit of meta

Johannes Heil - Meta [Metatron, 2007] (d/l)
Three track December EP from Mr Heil, The Coming, which marks the first release on the new label Metatron (Heil's own? Anyone know?). A1, the title track, smoothly launches the EP with some atmospherics and build ups with processed vocal samples. It leads us into A2 which got my attention properly, Meta is a smattering story with a steady beat and bass. The familiar sounds from A1 dips in and out of the track to further thicken the song. The last offering on this outing is Tronic which feels a bit more fast paced and frantic.

ASC - The pursuit [Nerve, 2008] (d/l)
I rarely post drum n bass, mostly because I don't know much about it and I don't listen to it that often. Here's an exception. The pursuit is something that sounds original and well thought out, still with pretty standard dnb samples and structures. This track goes from normal to calm to aggressive. My cup of d&b. Anyone well versed in the genre and want to recommend something? I'm all ears in the comments section.